Cleanliness - the A and O

Your pet will feel comfortable all around us. The basis for this is cleanliness in all our rooms and enclosures.

Inside, it is cleaned exclusively with 100% biodegradable cleaning agent. For this we use EM (effective microorganisms). The dogs are therefore not in contact with chemical (aggressive and odor-intensive) cleaning supplies, which they could pick up by brushing the for or licking the paws. If you have any questions I will be happy to inform you about the European Championships.

The dog blankets, bath towels or dog mantles are washed with 100% biodegradable detergent, so that your dog can feel comfortable with us all around.

We would like to give you the dog when picking up as cleanly and neat as possible. For this a dog- and worker-friendly shower is at our disposal. Your dog can sit on an elegant shower column and be pampered with special dog care products. In the large-scale feeding kitchen, we prepare the food individually for their four-legged animals.