Prices regular

One dog a day 26€
Two dogs a day 48€
Each additional dog + 18€

Dog "during the day" (Mo. - Fr.)

Weekend/Bank Holiday



Seperate housing for one dog 35€
Seperate housing for a pair 55€

Seperate housing for three dogs


Drug administration per day +1€

own feed

New! (01.10. - 31.03.)

Heating costs for 1 dog per day




Prices during the Hessian school holidays

Seperate housing for one dog 42€
Seperate housing for a pair 60€
Seperate housing for three dogs 80€

All prices are per day, including 19% VAT.

Important instructions

On the 24th of December and the 31st of December, we do not accept any dogs and no dogs can be picked up !!!!

Long-term female dogs, not sufficiently vaccinated dogs, dogs with infectious diseases as well as completely incompatible dogs are not accepted!

If your female dog starts to run during the stay, we charge a special supplement of 10, - per day, which is then payable upon pick up.

If the dog is picked up earlier than agreed, the unused days will be credited (this does not apply during the Hessian school holidays). The price for the accommodation is to be paid in advance for the reserved period, any incurred veterinary costs will be billed directly by the treated veterinarian.

No uncastrated dogs will be picked up!

Company holidays every year after the Hessian winter holidays / Christmas holidays
Duration: 14 days!