The interior is composed of 27 rooms. These are all equipped with floor heating and good ventilation.

The approximately 6-10 square meters of rooms are heated and well-ventilated and thus offer our guests a place to feel good.

Our dog guest rooms all have an epoxy resin-based flow coating from the Arturo company. Due to the seamless finish, it is easy to clean and no unpleasant odours arise in the boarding house over time. This floor has a positive effect on the well-being and atmosphere of the room. Attention was also paid to slip resistance for animals (especially for senior dogs) and humans.

J-Lo u. Lasko 252.jpg If desired, we can also arrange your quadruple in pairs. This is exciting, varied and does not allow boredom to arise.

We are also happy to propose a single room supplement for a single room for your dog.

The outdoor area

The most important aspect for your dog and the point which distinguishes us from almost all other dog breedings nationwide and - as we believe it - is outstanding: during the day, our guests are provided with 8 large fenced enclosures under which they are kept in small harmonizing groups under supervision Heartache can romp and play.

Here the dogs find in every spout a great hut for hiding or jumping. They can also pursue their passion for digging.


Our space offer

Inside, there are 27 modern and lovingly designed rooms with underfloor heating, where you can relax comfortably at lunch and at night.